Our Story

Our Purifie story all started when our founder realised that his respiratory allergy attacks were triggered by artificial fragrances used indoors. It then got him thinking of a better alternative to freshen and purify air without the need of artificial fragrances or chemicals. Fast forward, we now provide a unique range of essential cleaning products of exceptional quality that is safe and gentle on people, pets and the environment yet effective.

Proudly Australian owned with over 10 years experience in the cleaning and sanitisation industry, all our Purifie branded products are manufactured and sourced with environmental health, safety and effectiveness in mind. We are dedicated to providing businesses, local communities and households with the best in service, high quality and trusted cleaning products.

Purifie’s® mission is valuing and improving life by providing effective, safe cleaning solutions for healthy everyday living.

Purifie® has been awarded Super Excellent Brand for 2010.

Our Corporate Values

We aim to make a positive difference that improves the livelihood of our customers, partners and environment while creating a healthy business.

Innovation and portfolio expansion is key to our progress, and through experience, creativity and partnerships we are constantly building our brand, investing in research and development, broadening our range, providing better solutions and expanding our distribution network.

We strive to offer a perfect blend of performance-oriented professionalism, innovation, expertise and teamwork that will reflect through our products and business.

Our corporate culture and values are: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Integrity, Teamwork, Creativity, Responsibility, Enthusiasm and Perseverance. These values shape our quest to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers and business partners, day in and day out.

Together with talented employees and a visionary management, we strive to make improvements with every product we create, provide excellent customer service and to build strong, stable and long term sustainable partnerships.

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