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How To Remove Pungent Odours From Fridge And Freezer

Getting rid of unwanted food smell such as fish, sour milk or liquor can be tough. Once smell from different food combines, foul-smelling chemicals are emitted inside the fridge. Below are some ways to remove stubborn smell: 1. Throw out any spoiled food and clean the fridge or freezer with warm water 2. Place your food correctly in the fridge or freezer and avoid storing food in open containers so that smells do not blend 3. Deodorize your fridge with PURIFIE® by placing a box inside to absorb remaining smell

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Hyper Sensitive Sensory Receptors Of Cats Dogs

Did you know an average human nose have about 5 million sensory receptors while dogs have over 300 million sensory receptors? Clinical trials are now underway to train dogs to Sniff out cancer cells!! Imagine these beautiful animals have to put up with the artificial scents that are appealing to us but just 60 stronger.....It's almost like smelling the fumes of a BBQ vs breathing the air during a bush fire isn't it? Wouldn't it be nice if your pet dog can talk and say thank you for helping them breathe easier? Breathe easy with all natural Purifie Odour Absorber [...]

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Living With Pet Allergies

Your husband enters the house, then Achoo! He has spent one year glaring at Fluff-ball, but you won't give her up. What do you do? Can allergic people and pets libve side by side? About 15% of us are allergic to animals. Having said that, people who love pets and don't have allergies should not become complacent. You can develop an allergy at any time. It's mainly the flakes from the animal's skin, called dander (similar to dandruff) that flakes off and floats through the air. So even if it's a bald cat, you can still be allergic. It can [...]

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Litterbox Lessons

Paying close attention to your cat's litter-box needs can save you both from messy problems.Keeping your cat's litter-box up to his standards is very important. The following suggestions should keep your cat from "thinking outside the box." Location Is Key Most people tend to place the litter-box in an out-of-the-way spot to minimize odour and prevent cat litter from being tracked throughout the house. But if the litter-box ends up in the laundry room next to an appliance or outside on a cold cement floor, your cat may be less than pleased. What can you do? Avoid placing litter-boxes next [...]

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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Smell From Your Car

Smell of cigarette smoke, food spills, vomit, musty pets that travel in cars permeates fabric that retains odour making travelling in your car unpleasant. Spraying fresheners may result the “cure” being worse than the original smell. Getting the vehicle to smell good again can be achieved easily this way: 1. Identify, remove and clean the source of the unpleasant odour 2. Place PURIFIE® anywhere in the car and trunk overnight and start enjoying that fresh air again!

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