How does the OXIRA Air Neutraliser work?

OXIRA Air Neutraliser is developed using Ultraviolet Irradiation Technology. Air is sucked through the unit and in the process, the Ultraviolet Light treats the air, and expels clean air out.

With the NOCTURN & SENTRY model, UV emitted is at 200-300nm wavelength, that deactivates cells of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi from the air.

With the OZONE model, the UV emitted is at 185nm wavelength, which some level of germicidal UV as well as a steady stream of Ozone.


How is UV and Ozone process derived?

UVC and Ozone are produced by mother-nature all the time. It is natures’ way of cleaning air. Sunshine produces UVC, and thunderstorms produce Ozone. Purifie Sanitiser incorporate both these natural processes and developed the Germicidal and Ozoniser units into efficient, compact and safe products.


How different is OXIRA Air Neutraliser compared to other similar products in the market?

OXIRA Air Neutraliser is designed and manufactured in Australia with safety, simplicity and effectiveness in mind. Top quality Ultraviolet tubes are used to generate effective and safe levels of UVC and Ozone suitable for use in the healthcare industry where safety, effectiveness and durability is of paramount importance. Since then, it has been widely used across many sectors of the industry from hospitals, to aged care, restaurants, offices and home. Its low maintenance, energy efficient and sleek light weight features makes it unique from other products available in market.


What are the recommended areas to place OXIRA Air Neutraliser?

OXIRA can be placed anywhere in an area, room on table or shelf. Avoid placing near flammables, windows (which will reduce effectiveness), curtains, piles of paper, keep out of reach from children and pets.


How large a room will the OXIRA Air Neutraliser be suitable for?

OXIRA can cover approximately a space of up to 60 square meters although factors are extremely different from one room to another. Do take into consideration how ventilated the area and the characteristics of the ambient air. As a gauge, any area larger than 60sqm2 may require more than one unit. These units have been designed to be so compact and quiet that having a few units placed in a large space will reduce the aesthetic look of the area.


Is it safe for use at home?

It is completely safe to use OXIRA at home. To maximise its efficacy, place in areas with odour, higher foot traffic or where people are located.


Are these units cost efficient?

Yes! It is an energy efficient, eco-friendly and cost saving unit as they operates on a very low wattage at just 2.7W.


What is the warranty period and maintenance like?

OXIRA Air Neutraliser uses extremely high quality components that have been hand-picked for these equipment. Every ultraviolet tube has a lifespan of 15,000hours and even it is not illuminated, the germicidal efficacy will be greatly reduced. To ensure optimum performance, the germicidal tubes are recommended to be replaced during the Annual Service.

A 12-month warranty on all equipment and 3-month warranty on UV tubes provided.

After each Annual Service, the germicidal tube is covered by a new 3-month warranty.

Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim.



Is Germicidal UV technology proven?

It is widely known that germicidal ultraviolet technology is effective and have been a proven method to kill bacteria, fungi and germs. The Haffkine Institute established in 1899 and is one of the worlds oldest and advanced centre for disease control has laboratory tested and reported a 96% reduction of airborne germs within 3 hours.

OXIRA have been tested by other institutes worldwide such as RMIT, UNICAMP, Darpan Diagnostic, CMA and Chinese Center For Disease Control and Prevention to be highly effective in reducing airborne pathogens.


What are typical applications for the OXIRA Nocturn & Sentry Models?

Places of high public presence is always a good place for the P6G.

This is because the fundamental purpose of this unit is to lower the germ count in the air. Recommended areas are: Clinics, restaurants, bars, cafes, salons, spas, office spaces, waiting rooms, transport areas, restaurants, bars, cafes, salons, spas, gyms, office spaces, rooms.



What are the benefits of Ozone?

Ozone is a well-known powerful oxidiser which kill microorganisms effectively and helps with breaking down odour molecules. It is effective in neutralising smell from cigarettes, body odour, food and stale smell. Its powerful oxidation capability is used for breaking down most oil and fumes in the air.


Is Ozone dangerous?

High levels of Ozone is unsafe. However the amount of Ozone produced by OXIRA XN is low and within safety standards.

For people who are sensitive, it is advisable to leave the room while unit is running and turn off the unit if any eye, nose or breathing irritation occurs.


What are typical applications for the OXIRA XN?

Since this produces ozone (which maybe an irritant), extra care needs to be taken. Places where there is a need to remove odours, are the best places to use the OXIRA XN.

Recommended areas are: Hospital, Aged Care, Vets, Salons, Restaurants, Laundry Rooms, Industrial, Commercial Garbage Areas, Kitchen.


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