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Been using the enviocarb purifier in both my home and work fridge and it has definitely made a massive difference. The fridge just feels fresher when opening it and we have not been experiencing any food smell. Definitely a great find!

Anne Dugdale   

Im in the midst of toilet training my new puppy and I'm soo glad to have found Purifie Zymate! It literally made cleaning up a breeze with a few sprays as it helps remove stain and smell from my couch, bedding and carpet. And what I like most about this product is that it's organic and safe for my puppy and family. Would absolutely recommend this to everyone.

Rose Maria   

I undertook the first experience with Purifie in my office’s pantry. It has an unmistakable stink and was just impossible to get rid ofthe odour no matter what I tried until Purifie. I left it over the long Easter weekend and today when I got in, the pantry is odourless. Quite amazing. My colleague was impressed

Belinda Stewart   

i accidentally left my apartment window opened when the rain came. It wet my carpet and the room smelled the next day. I was told about purifie and decided to get a few and put around the room. Surprisingly, the smell actually went off.

Amanda Hoh   

I live in a 1 bedder and cook in 3 times a week. But the smell of cooking fills the living and takes days to clear despite opening the windows. With purifie, I noticed that the smell is reduced drastically. Oh I’ve also put 1 piece into my fridge and the smell of food is completely gone!

Sunny Chan   

I brought one at a pet store in Balwyn. I purchased one due to the smells from a new family puppy. i had purchased a number of other products but was not impressed with the residue or smells other products left. I went to my usual pet stock store in Nunawading and they hadn’t heard of the product. Decided to search online and found your site.

Simone Spicer   

We were introduced to Purifie™ earlier in the year (2014). We tried it in our own shop and it actually work! We gave some to customers to test and they too liked it and came back for more. We decided to carry in the shop and we’ve been selling a reasonable amount every month

Steven & Shirley - S & S Pet’s Shop   

Ive tried all products that claim to end cat urine odour, some work at 1st except the smell returns a few days or a week later, ZYMATE worked the best, and actually keeps that urine smell away, I spray the cat litter tray with it aswel as any other odours in the home


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