Your husband enters the house, then Achoo! He has spent one year glaring at Fluff-ball, but you won’t give her up. What do you do?

Can allergic people and pets libve side by side?

About 15% of us are allergic to animals. Having said that, people who love pets and don’t have allergies should not become complacent. You can develop an allergy at any time. It’s mainly the flakes from the animal’s skin, called dander (similar to dandruff) that flakes off and floats through the air. So even if it’s a bald cat, you can still be allergic. It can also be present in dried pet urine or saliva.

Although you may never be able to eliminate all your allergy symptoms or if no one in the house suffers from allergies, reducing pet allergens through careful housecleaning can help make living with your pet a more enjoyable experience.

Pet-Free Zone:

Designate your bedroom as a pet-freezone. Reduce allergens by regularly washing bedding, drapes and pillows with hot water or replacing them.

Elimnate Allergen Traps:

Carpet can accumulate up to 100 times the amount of pet allergens as hardwood flooring, so replacing the wall-to-wall with wood will keep allergens from accumulating as much. If ripping up the carpet is not an option, have it steam cleaned as often as needed.

Trapping Allergens:

Vacuuming blows as many allergens through the air as it removes, so whn you vacuum, use an allergen-proof vacuum cleaner bag or vacuum cleaner with a high efficacy particulate arresting filter.

Clean The Quarters:

Pet allergens and odour are found in wastes that is left in the litter box when your make s a deposit. To help prevent allergic reactions to the litter box, use the right litter and have someone in the household who is not allergenic clean the box. Eliminate any lingering odour by placing Purifie SmellzOff that absorbs odour instead of masking, in pet quarters or cage.

Separate The Toys:

Keep children’s toys and stuffed animals out of the reach of pets to avoid spreading dander and germs.

Get Some Fresh Air:

Highly insulated homes trap allergens as well as heat, so open the windows to increase the ventilation in your home, and run window fans or exhaust.

Wipe The Dander Away:

Wiping your pet with cleansing wipes is often suggested as a way to reduce the dander.


Wash your hands with soap and change your clothes after playing with the pet.

Coping with an allergy to pets is nothing to sneeze at. Don’t let allergies break up a beautiful relationship with your pet and your loved ones. With a proper treatment regimen, people and pets can live side by side.

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