My house smells like pee!

Meows are beautiful and majestic animals to have as pets. They are generally low maintenance and pretty easy to take care. However they can be territorial and if you have one like that, you will likely to experience what most feline owners have…the overpowering smell of cat urine from their natural instinct to mark their territory!

Cat urine consist of enzymes and ammonia  that is highly concentrated which is extremely pungent and quite frankly unbearable. You will likely be on your hands and knees trying to sniff out the source in hope of getting rid of it. Unfortunately using just water alone may remove the urine but it does not remove the uric acid crystals that is stubbornly hard to get rid off. Caustic chemicals is a no no and using soap may create a barrier around the crystals and as the barrier breaks apart, the pungent smell will be released back into the air again.

The great news is there is a very natural and safe way to resolve this and that is with the Australian Made Purifie Zymate Stain and Odour Remover.

Purifie Zymate uses a proprietary plant based, multi-enzyme technology to create a superior strength formula that rapidly digests and eliminates tough organic stains and smell specific to cat urine, faeces, blood stains, drool and vomit.

Suitable for use on various surfaces thanks to its pH Neutral and non corrosive composition therefore making it safe to use even around kids and pets.

To use it, just spray Zymate on the source liberally and let it sit for 5 mins before wiping it off. If the stain is an old stain, it is advisable to redo the treatment another time and leaving it on longer for it to work its magic.

Don’t forget the kitty litter box. They are often ignored but it is also the main source of foul smell uric acid crystals builds up over time. It is advisable to regularly clean it by spraying Zyamte liberally around the base of the emptied litter tray and let it sit for 10-15 mins before washing it off and replacing fresh litter on it. Don’t waste your money on synthetic masking agents but on a product that actually works!